Monday, February 4, 2008


OK, so I plan to post these pretty often. I have a wonderful source of material--my delightfull silly, wacky 3 year old! Here are some of his most recent, silly quotes:

(The scene: my bedroom, while I'm getting dressed for the day)

Aiden: Mommy, what's that?

Me: That's my bra.

Aiden: What's that do?

Me: Well, it helps me cover my nurses. (Aiden's word for boobs).

Aiden: When I get big, I have to get Batman bras for my nurses. Aiden has tiny nurses. You have BIG nurses, Mommy (glad someone thinks so!). But only me--only Aiden gets Batman bras.


(The scene: I'm tucking Aiden in before bed)

Aiden: I have to go to sleep Mommy. So I can grow. So I can be 45 and have wine. I like wine, Mommy. I gonna have Buzz Lightyear wine when I get to be big. But I have to be 45 first.


(The scene: The grocery store check out line)

Aiden: Mommy, you have a 'gina? (Aiden's word for vagina)

[check-out girl giggles]

Mommy: Yes, buddy, I'm a girl, so that's what I have.

Aiden: I a boy. I have a peen-us. But when I get big, I get a spiderman 'gina. Spiderman 'gina's are cool. They have webs. And they shoot bad guys with them.

[check-out girl turning red, trying not to bust out laughing; grocery sacker now laughing]

Mommy: You're a boy, Aiden. You have a penis, and you'll always have boy-parts. That won't change.

Aiden: No, mommy. I don't want a penis. I WANT A SPIDERMAN 'GINA!! (screaming at the top of his lungs)

[Entire line of people laughing now. My face is now burgundy.]

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