Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

A little Easter humor....

We had a great, relaxing Easter around here. We were awakened early by Aiden as he came bouncing into our room to show us the loot the Easter Bunny had left behind. He had a basket full of goodies--twist-up markers, a sidewalk paint set with tray and rollers and paintbrushes, a Spider Man glider, a bunny puzzle, and of course, a ton of candy-filled eggs. After a breakfast of candy and sweets, we went to church and celebrated with friends, then went out to eat for lunch. Afterwards, we all took a family nap, then went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Aiden painted our driveway with the sidewalk paint that the Easter Bunny brought him, then played baseball and basketball with some friends while I hid Easter eggs all through the backyard. Aiden went hunting and before he could even gather up all of his eggs, he was begging to go back out front to share his candy with all of his friends. I was so proud of him! Afterwards, we came in and enjoyed a nice dinner together as a family, then it was on to bed. Nothing exciting or all that special, but a great day nonetheless.


The Lashers said...

Thanks for the great laugh with the bunnies. I hadn't seen that in quite a long time and really enjoyed it! - Will

The Goldsworthy Crew said...

I love the funny bunnies! Made me laugh!
Hope you had a happy Easter. Cute pics :)


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