Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm so glad he's home!

We picked Aiden up on Saturday at the halfway point in Belton. I was so excited to see him! I swear, he's grown 3 feet and looks so much older than he did just a week ago! Before he left, his daddy and I made him promise not to grow, but I don't think he listened!

We ate lunch with his Gran and Gramps before heading back home. Aiden quickly reminded Brad and I of all the reasons we had needed the week-long break, though. After a week of spoiling from his grandparents, with no naps, sugar all day, and a complete banishment of the word "no," Aiden was in rare form. Tantrums, backtalk, whining...list a bad behavior and Aiden probably did it on Saturday!

Even though the reunion was a little rocky, Brad and I were so glad to have him home. We'd missed the silly games, the laughter, the adorably-mispronounced words, and the constant stream of discussion material for dinner parties with other parents. That night, as I tucked my little guy under the covers and rubbed his back, I couldn't help but pray, "Thank you God, for sending me this wonderful little blessing." We may have our bumps in the road, I may want to pull my hair out some days, but at least our life is full of laughter, joy, and love.

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