Sunday, March 9, 2008

Melt my heart...

Every night at bedtime, Brad or I take turns laying down with Aiden for a few minutes. This is our time to snuggle, and we sing songs, rub his back and have our "grown up talks," as Aiden calls them. Tonight was Brad's night to snuggle, but Aiden decided he wanted his Mommy instead.

Brad: I want to snuggle with you, buddy. It's my turn. I like to snuggle with you, too.

Aiden: No, daddy, I want Mama. Mama is soft.

Brad: I know Mommy is soft, but I can be soft, too.

Aiden: No, you're not soft. You're scratchy. Mama is soft. Feel her! (He pulls up my sleeve and makes Brad feel). And I lay on her and she's soft! (He throws his arms around me and squeezes with his life, putting his head on my chest.)

So, I made a bargain--I would stay and sing 2 songs and he could snuggle me, but then I would leave and Brad would stay and have snuggle time, too. Luckily this pacified him. I think Brad was a little disappointed (I believe I heard him mutter something about chopped liver under his breath), but it completely melted my heart.

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armywife699 said...

awwwww, so sweet!! Love you!!

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