Tuesday, March 4, 2008


So far this winter, the weather has been really mild. I can count the number of days of freezing weather on one hand. So what a surprise it was last night to hear the scratch of sleet on the window! I ran to look and saw crystals of sleet raining down. Within an hour the sleet had turned to beautiful, big, fluffy snowflakes. It was gorgeous. Aiden was fascinated by the sight of white snowflakes falling--this is something he has seen only twice before. Unfortunately, it was far too dark and late for him to go out to play last night, but first thing this morning, we suited up in layers of winter clothes and ran outdoors.

Aiden had a blast throwing snowballs at me and at Freckles, who would try to catch them in her mouth. The snow was perfect for snowballs and snowmen--slightly sticky and would pack to just the right hardness. Then he made snow angels, "swam" in the snow, and made a "frosty." It was sunny, there wasn't any wind, and the weather was lovely for enjoying some winter fun. We played outside for about an hour and a half, and by the time we went indoors for hot cocoa and breakfast, much of the snow had melted. It didn't last long, but we had a blast!

Crazy Texas weather...we wore shorts on Saturday and it snowed on Monday!

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