Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victory Dance

We recently moved our dining room table into our kitchen/breakfast nook as a temporary measure--our dining room carpet (by the way, I can't understand why anyone thinks carpet in the dining room is a good idea) was suffering from having a 3 year-old eat over it each night, so we moved our table to the tile until we can find a kitchen table we like and can actually afford. (What can I say...champagne taste on a beer budget!) Anyway, now our dining room is empty, and Aiden has taken it over as a play space--he particularly loves to play soccer in there, shooting "goals" into our entry table legs. (I've saved my carpet, but sacrificed the table. That's life with a 3 year old!) Today, he was doing a pretty awesome victory dance every time he made a goal. Check it out!

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