Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A week without Aiden!?!

Yes, that's right. Aiden is spending the week with his Gran and Gramps in Bandera, TX, so Brad and I are enjoying a rare treat--a week of sleeping in, going out to movies, bowling, dinners at nice restaurants, and hours of time that don't involve whining, the electronic beeps and buzzes of toys, or having to drag a preschooler to the naughty spot.
We met Aiden's grandparents in Belton, the halfway point between our houses, on Saturday for the exchange. Aiden kissed me goodbye and practically shoved me out of the car door so he could get on the road to Gran's house. Brad and I drove home and decided to head to a movie and a nice dinner. We had a delightful evening of adult conversation and uninterrupted fun. At one point, I caught myself looking at the clock and noticing it was 11:00 and thinking, "We'd better get home, Aiden will be up early tomorrow, and I'm sure Abby (our babysitter) wants to get home..." Oh wait--there is no babysitter to rush home to pay, no preschooler to wake us up at 7:30 with demands that we turn on the light to the bathroom. I felt a little silly...but it is hard to get used to the idea of being able to stay out late!
It has now been 3 days of Aiden-free relaxation, and although I am really enjoying this time off with Brad, I also am missing my little guy. I miss his silly jokes and laughter that fills our house; I miss his hugs and tickles and even his "Mommy, I tooted!" announcements. What makes it especially hard is that he has gotten sick while gone (poor Gran!). It's just an ear infection and a minor cough, nothing life-threatening or remotely scary, but still I feel as if I should be there to dole out kisses and hugs and a lot of get-well spoiling. I know his Gran is doing a great job of taking care of him, but I'm his mommy--I should be there!
But even though I miss him and wish I was there to take care of my sick little guy, I'm not going to cut my vacation at home with Brad short. This is the first real break we've had since Aiden came along. Other than a couple of weekend overnights, this is the first extended break we've had and the first time we've been home without Aiden here since he was born. Our marriage and our sanity requires that we take advantage of this opportunity--so I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest! Mid-afternoon naps! Last-minute decisions to go out without an hour of planning and packing snacks/toys/extra underwear! Late night loud music and movies! Dinner at nice restaurants that don't have kiddie menus! Woo-hoo! Won't we be living it up!

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