Friday, April 25, 2008

Take me out to the ball park

Thursday night, the Stage 2 group at our church, Firewheel Bible Fellowship, took in a Frisco Rough Riders game. The Rough Riders are the feeder team for the Texas Rangers, and the games are an absolute blast--very family friendly, much more laid back than at The Ballpark in Arlington, but still a great baseball game. Our group had gotten a great rate that included all-you-can-eat hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chicken sandwiches, drinks and chips plus your ticket and a Rough Riders hat for $15, so it was not only great entertainment, but CHEAP!

We arrived just before the opening pitch and were excited to realize we had front row seats on the first base line. Aiden had a great view of the game and was so excited to see the players take the field. He cheered for the players, but was a little disappointed when he realized he couldn't go out onto the field and join them in playing. A hot dog and pickles and a bag of cotton candy, followed by Dippin' Dots, quickly boosted his spirits, though.

At one point, a foul ball came zooming toward us. Aiden was elated when the first baseman threw the ball to him--he was so proud of his baseball! He then proceeded to show it to everyone around us. He even used it as a conversation opener with a couple of young ladies sitting across the aisle from us. Such a flirt!! He talked their legs off, then showed off his air guitar skills and even danced for them. It has already begun--my little boy performing antics for pretty young ladies! Heaven help me during the teenage years!

The game came to a close in the 10th inning--the Rough Riders scored to pull out of a tie that had lasted for several innings and won against San Antonio 6 to 5. One of the San Antonio coaches tossed Aiden a game ball as the team left the field, and Aiden walked away with not one, but TWO souvenirs from the game. After a stop at Sonic for a "splushie," Aiden conked out in his car seat and ended up getting tucked into his bed clothes and all. We had a great time: a good game, yummy food, great friends, and a very happy kiddo.

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