Friday, April 18, 2008

There is a thief in our midst...

So, as I am in the bathroom hurling this morning, I hear the tell-tale sound of a junk food wrapper being opened in the living room. Aiden has been caught sneaking snacks and food from the pantry lately--every day this week, I have found an empty candy/cracker/potato chip/granola bar wrapper hidden in the couch cushions in our living room. I guess Aiden has figured out that most mornings I am indisposed, hugging the toilet and praying to the porcelain gods, so he uses this time to raid our pantry. This morning, however, I heard him and called him into the bathroom for a little chat.

Me: Aiden, have you been eating snacks?

Aiden: Yes.

Me: What did you take out of the pantry?

Aiden: I don't want to tell, Mama.

Me: Aiden....

Aiden: I don't want to tell!

Me: Well, you'd better tell me. If I have to go in there and look for it, you're going to be in big trouble. But if you tell me the truth now, you won't. What did you take?

Aiden: Chocolate rice. It was good. It's not junk, Mama. It's good for our bodies.

Me: What did you take???

Aiden: Chocolate rice. I ate it all. It was very good.

[I stand up and drag myself to the living room and begin searching the couch cushions for the evidence, trying to figure out what "chocolate rice" is.]

Me: Aiden, where is the wrapper?

Aiden: I put it in the trash, Mama.

I opened the trash can, and my industrious son had not only thrown the chocolate-flavored rice cake bag away, but he'd hidden it underneath an empty cereal box! The little sneak!! Guess I'm going to have to put a doorknob cover on the pantry door to keep the little imp out of the food! I've already tried putting the snacks on a high shelf, and the little thief just drags a dining chair into the pantry and climbs up to get what he wants!

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The Lashers said...

Sneaky little boy, yet smart. Who would think to tell his mom that what he was hiding was healthy?

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