Sunday, June 1, 2008

Catching up from a busy May...

So, it has been a little hectic, with all of the doctors appointments and traveling this month, so time to play some catch up!

At the beginning of May, we went to Memaw and Papaw's house up near Lake Texoma to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. Aiden got to ride his new horsey tire swing that his grandparents bought him and even made a new friend, Lance the turtle. Aiden always loves to go to Memaw and Papaw's house--between the air hockey table, where he plays "pockey" and the great back patio and yard, not to mention the constant spoiling, he has a great time. It was a short visit on our way to see my Grandmother Charlotte in Oklahoma, but it was nice.

We also visited Gran and Gramps in Bandera (near San Antonio) this month for Memorial Day weekend. Aiden enjoyed playing "house" in Gran and Gramps' new camping trailer, playing baseball with Mamaw and Papaw (his great-grandparents) and wading in the river. Plus, another huge dose of spoiling, of course!

While there, Brad and I got to see my college roommate and close friend, Jess, and meet her fiancee (we completely approve--ST is a great guy!). We enjoyed an evening of grown-up conversation (with free babysitting!) and the chance to catch up--Jess is a pediatric resident for the Air Force who is always working, so it was great our schedules finally matched up and we got to see one another. I miss having her around, but she is one of those friends that you instantly catch up with when you see them--you pick up right where you left off and just have a great time together. Hopefully we'll get to see one another soon, since she is graduating from her residency this month! Way to go, Jess!!

The "splashy playground" at Harry Meyers Park in Rockwall opened up this month, so we went over one afternoon for our first visit of the season. Aiden always starts off a little hesitant of the sprayers, running around the water instead of through it, but he eventually gets into the spirit of things and ends up getting soaked. It got a bit cold as the sun began to set, so Aiden ended up lying face-down on the concrete like a reptile, trying to warm up. After an hour of splashing, we went scootering around the trails in the park and fed the ducks at the pond. The park is gorgeous and we had a great time walking and exploring.

We've slowly began the summertime transition of living more and more of our lives outside. Each evening, we end up outdoors in the late afternoon sunshine, playing baseball, enjoying Popsicles, having watergun fights and going for walks/runs around the neighborhood (Brad and I walk, Aiden runs ahead, then back, then ahead, then back). And even though the Texas heat can be pretty miserable, we slather on the sunscreen, pack bottles of water and head out for the sunshine. It's just the beginning of a long summer of fun, so stay tuned for many more pictures of fun outings to come!

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