Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Miserable Couple of Weeks

Our whole family has been battling illness for the past couple of weeks. It started last Monday, the day after our camping trip, with Brad and I coming down with either a stomach bug or food poisoning. Brad was only ill for a couple of days, but I was miserably sick for TEN DAYS!! It was awful! I lost 3 pounds and spent a week downing Emetrol and Imodium--definitely not a fun time at our house.

Then on Monday, Aiden's school called to tell me he had spiked a fever. He didn't catch the stomach bug, but complained of a headache and being achy and had a runny nose and fever for three days. Or, as Aiden calls it, a "Veever." He's been quite fascinated by the idea of being sick. He asked me why he has a fever, and I explained that it was his body's way of fighting off germs in his body. He'll now tell anyone all about the big "swordfight" his body is having with the germs right now. In his 3-year-old mind, he seems to envision it as a giant battle with swashbuckling white blood cells and villianous germs. His imagination amazes me.

Whatever he had, Brad's now picked up, so he's spent half the day at home today as well. Hopefully we'll all be well soon. Our little household has spent a fortune at Walgreens this week, we're stir-crazy and cranky from being cooped up indoors, so we're all hoping to be back to normal soon!

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