Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Holy Batman! A new obsession...

Aiden has moved on from whales to a new obsession: BATMAN! While in Bandera, Aiden discovered the Batman mask Gran had bought him last fall. The Batman mask, I should add, that Aiden hated upon sight, refused to wear, and would throw a tantrum if anyone else tried to wear it! A few months time has apparently made Aiden change his mind about the mask, I guess, because this visit, when he rummaged through the toy bin and came up holding the black piece of rubber, his eyes instantly lit up. He reverently slipped the mask over his head, and voila! Batman was born!

The entire weekend, Aiden would wear the Batman mask. He played in it. He raced through the house with his blankey wrapped around his neck like a cape. He ate meals in it. He played computer games in it and watched movies in it. If Brad and I would have given in to his pleas, he would have slept in it. (He actually did sleep in it in the car on the way home...he fell right asleep with the mask on!)

The obsession didn't end when we returned home, either. For days, Aiden would appear with his Batman mask on, pretending to shoot bad guys with laser beams out of his eyes. (I know, the kid has his superhero powers confused, but jeez, he's three, cut him some slack!) He insisted upon taking it to school for show and tell, despite the fact that "Sea Animals" was the theme that week. The obsession lasted about a week before the Batman mask was discarded to the bottom of the toy box. I'm sure Batman will make the occasional appearance at dinner or on the playground, but for now, Aiden is content to be his own superhero, one with a light sword and webs that spit out of his hands and laser beams that shoot from his eyes and big strong muscles. He's taken the best of every superhero he knows, compiled them all into one incredible little boy who can conquer any monster, incarcerate bad guys, and help the good guys. Sounds like a great hero to me!

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