Monday, June 23, 2008

More Conversations with Aiden

Aiden and I were driving in the car the other day, and he (of course) had plenty to tell me. (I swear, the kid doesn't stop talking form the time he wakes until the time he goes to bed!)

Aiden: Mommy, what are flames?

Me: They are part of a fire. They are really hot and they burn things.

Aiden: Mommy, when there is a fire, Ms. Shay (a teacher at school) says you have to line up.

Me: Is that right?

Aiden: Yeah, you have to line up to be safe. And if you don't line up, you'll get burned. You'll get burned to tiny pieces and then you'll be sad. Then I have to eat lots of vegetables to make my muscles grow back. And then I have to get glue inside my bones to make them stick together again. But I'll be wobbly after that.

Me: How do you get the glue inside your bones?

Aiden: I'll eat it. Or I go to the doctor and get a shot. But if I line up like Ms. Shay says, I'll be safe.


On Saturday, we had a party for Brad's birthday and Aiden got to play Guitar Hero (a video game with that uses a mock-guitar with buttons instead of a controller). The "big boys" took a turn first, then one of our friends, Andy, put the guitar in Aiden's arms and helped him play. He thought this was infinitely cool. Yesterday, after church, Aiden came into the living room carrying his toy guitar and proceeded to stand in one place, stare at the wall, and strum his guitar.

Me: Aiden, what are you doing?

Aiden: (In a very apathetic, teenage-esque voice) I'm at college, like Uncle Warren. I'm playing Guitar Hero. It's a cool game. I'm a big boy, I be 6 years old, so I can go to college. I can play Guitar Hero. But you're not big, Mommy. You can't go to college and play Guitar Hero.

Apparently his Daddy was old enough to go to college and play, though. Aiden passed off the guitar to give Brad a turn at the "game"--but Aiden spent the whole time criticizing his technique! What a silly kid!


Recently, we had a storm system roll through and bring lots of lightning and thunder. It even knocked the electricity out for most of a day one Saturday. Brad was working that day, so Aiden and I were at home together. Aiden wasn't fond of the lightning and thunder! He ran into my bedroom, climbed up and dove under the covers. I climbed in with him to comfort him, and we ended up having a little talk under the blankets.

Aiden: Mommy, I'm scared of the thunder.

Me: Remember, it's just a loud noise. Nothing scary. It's God and the angels bowling up in heaven, that's all. (Yes, I now this is a blatant lie, but when I tried to give him the scientific explanation one day, it didn't bring him any comfort. We told him this tale before and at least it makes him stop crying and he giggles.)

Aiden: Is Deoge bowling with God?

Me: Yes. Well, he's just a dog, so he's probably just watching them play and barking.

Aiden: Is Uncle Ry-Ry bowling with God?

Me: Yep. I'm sure he's playing, too.

Aiden: When I die, I go to heaven and play bowling with God?

Me: Yes, one day you'll die and go to heaven, too. But not for a very long time.

Aiden: When I go to heaven, will you be sad?

Me: If you go to heaven before me, I would be sad that you're not here with me anymore, but I would be happy that you are in heaven.

This pacified him for a while...until the electricity went out! Then he had to ask me a million questions about "tricity" and which items in our home needed it. Once I pulled out our crank-powered lantern, though, he was happy.

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