Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Aidenisms

[Aiden and I are in a public restroom]

Aiden: Mommy, you have a BIG hiney.

Me: Thanks, Aiden. Thanks.


[Later that day, when I relay the big hiney comment to Brad...]

Aiden: Mommy, where's your penis?

Me: I don't have one buddy, I'm a girl, so what do I have?

Aiden: A 'gina. Daddy and I have penises, but you don't. You have a 'gina. And Memaw. And Aubrey (The Bean's name). Aubrey has a little 'gina.


[In the car, on the way to church, where he'll get to see Stella, his "girlfriend"]

Aiden: Mommy, turn left. Turn right! Go that way! Mommy, I give you erections on how to get to Stella!

1 comment:

The Lashers said...

Oh Aiden!!! Reading your Aidenisms always crack me up.

- Mr. Will

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