Saturday, July 19, 2008

More conversations with Aiden...

It seems Aiden has plenty to say lately:

[Aiden wraps his arms around me and goes in for a hug...but his head
lands on a big, round belly]

Aiden: Mommy, did your belly get big?

Mommy: Yeah, look at this big belly! (I turn sideways and lift up my
And look at my belly button--it sticks out funny now!

Aiden: That's silly! You ready to push her out yet, Mommy?

Mommy: Not yet, my belly will get even bigger, and my belly button will
turn all the way inside out.

(Brad takes this opportunity to show Aiden how my belly button pushes
in and pops back out. He pokes me a couple of times.)

Aiden: Daddy! Stop that! Don't poke Aubrey!

Already the protective big brother!


At bedtime tonight, we read a book about desert habitats. The book discussed the differences between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. When omnivores came up, I explained to Aiden that people are omnivores, we eat both plants and animals.

Aiden: I don't like to eat animals! That's not nice!

Mommy: It's OK, it is our nature to eat animals. They make us


Mommy: Sure you do. You eat chicken and pig and cow....

Aiden: I don't eat pigs! I don't like to eat pigs!

Mommy: Do you like bacon?

Aiden: Yeah.

Mommy: Well, bacon comes from pigs.

Aiden: I put my hand under the pig and the pig pushes out
the bacon and then we eat it. We put it on our plate. It's

Daddy: Oh really? Well, where did the chicken leg you had for dinner
come from?

Aiden: I put my hand under the chicken and it pushes out a chicken leg and
we eat it. That's my job. But first we have to go to a barn. I
like barn animals.

I quickly mouthed to Brad, over Aiden's head, "Don't you dare correct
I think he's gotten his reproductive facts mixed up with where
food comes from, but his ideas are definitely adorable!

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