Sunday, August 17, 2008

Proud Papa

This evening, Aiden became the proud papa of 5 monster babies. Yes, my little guy is a father now (cue tears of joy). Oh my, I'm a grandmother at 30!

After his bath, Aiden insisted that he had to go to his bed and sit on his "monster eggs," like a mama duck. So while we read our book during our bedtime routine, Aiden quietly tended to his 5 monster eggs. He sat quite still, making sure they were kept warm. Then, after the book, his monster eggs hatched, and now he has in his bed 5 monster babies that he is taking care of. His babies are quite cute, although a little restless--apparently they are having trouble getting to sleep. I've assured Aiden that if he goes to sleep, they will follow his lead.

Aiden has informed me that they will be dining on blueberries and oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. He is very proud of his babies--as grandma, I had to give each one a kiss and cuddle at bedtime. My little guy shows signs of being a great daddy--he's already scolded me for getting too close and almost squashing one of his babies--very protective! I wonder if his babies will be attending school with him tomorrow?? I guess we'll soon see!

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