Sunday, August 3, 2008

Step right up!!

One of the many perks of military life is getting discounts for performances at entertainment venues, so when Brad heard we could get half-priced tickets to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, we jumped at the chance to take Aiden. I called up my parents, "Memaw and Papaw" and they decided to join us. I booked us for a Sunday evening performance and managed to get us some awesome seats right in front of the action.

We arrived at American Airlines center an hour early so we could enjoy the pre-show--they allow the kids onto the floor with the circus animals and performers, who put on small exhibitions of their many talents. Aiden watched some small dogs perform, an elephant paint a picture holding a paintbrush with his trunk, and some acrobats perform on a trampoline. His grandparents wasted no time in spoiling him--he happened to point out another kid's souvenir sword and within moments, he had one of his own in hand. Then we found our seats, and Mommy went in search of food, returning 20 minutes later with corn dogs and french fries (and 20 bucks lighter in the wallet).

I got back just in time for the action to begin. There were plenty of acts to keep Aiden's attention--horses and elephants and tigers and acrobats and clowns. Every so often, fireworks would explode during the acts and Aiden would drop everything to cover his ears. At one point, he handed me his nacho chip, covered his ears, then nibbled out of my hands--he isn't too fond of loud noises. Aiden was enraptured by animals, impressed by the human cannon balls, and entertained by the silly clown, Bello, and his antics. He made grand plans to train Freckles to perform just like the animals--he even said he was going to train Freckles to fly out of a cannon. He gorged himself on cotton candy (TWELVE DOLLAR COTTON CANDY--can you believe that?? They would only sell it in a cheapo souvenir hat, you couldn't buy it separately) and junk food and soda. After the show ended, we all piled back into the car and he was out in a few seconds flat.

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