Friday, August 1, 2008

A surprise from Nanny

The mailman brought Aiden a surprise today. The doorbell rang, and a mysterious package sat there on our front doorstep with Aiden's name on it. He was so excited, jumping up and down, ecstatic that he received a package with HIS NAME ON IT!!

We brought it inside and tore open the package. Inside, Aiden found a seed farm that his Nanny had bought him. Since I was about to jump into cooking dinner, I told him we'd wait for daddy to get home and plant the seeds together. When daddy arrived, he couldn't wait to get outside and start planting. He reveled in mixing the dirt with water and spooning it into the planter. He delighted in the tiny radish, carrot and onion seeds, dropping them carefully into the soil and helping cover them up. Every day, he would watch for some change, and within a couple of days, radish plants began sprouting from. Now we have a regular indoor garden. Hopefully we'll have some yummy vegetables to eat in a few weeks. Aiden is already excited about trying the radishes, especially after his daddy told him they make you burp.

Thanks, Nanny!

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