Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home Improvement

The Parker household has been buzzing with activity the past few weekends. Sensing that we'll be spending a lot of time this winter staring at these walls, we've decided to finally put to rest a few of those home improvement projects we've been meaning to tackle since we moved in. When we bought the house, there we're some things we wanted to change/upgrade/fix, but when I sliced open my hand while unpacking boxes and had to spend the next 6 months dealing with surgery, multiple casts and physical therapy, none of those things ever got completed. So now we've finally tackled a few (although, as the rest of you homeowners can surely appreciate, the list just keeps getting longer, not shorter!).

Here are a few of our recent projects:

Had the crown moulding repaired, seams filled, re-caulked and painted throughout the house(the previous owners, a couple of careless DIYers, had done a lousy job)

Replaced all of the light fixtures in the hall and bedrooms

Painted the hallway and hung a wire "gallery system" for Aiden's artwork (no more cluttered refrigerator)

Filled holes and touched up all of the paint in every room in the house

Sewed new curtains for the dining and living room (although I have to let the hem out on on of my curtains--one is a half-inch too short and is driving me nuts--its like looking at someone wearing "high-water" pants)

Installed a "pressed-tin" back-splash in the kitchen and changed out the pantry doorknob to match

New throw pillows for the living room.

Finally bought a table for the kitchen.

We still have lots of projects to go, but those will have to wait until after Aubrey arrives and things settle back into a routine. Here are a few pics:

The kitchen before:

The kitchen after:

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Katie said...

Looks so good! I LOVE the tin backsplash!

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