Sunday, September 21, 2008

Stella and Aiden

There is nothing cuter than two kiddos who love each other like these two do! Aiden and Stella have become such good friends. They are always excited to see one another, smothering each other with hugs and kisses, wrestling around and chasing one another every chance they get. Stella will greet Aiden with a loud "Aiden Parker, get over here and give me a hug!" when she sees him, and Aiden's face always lights up with joy when he sees his favorite playmate. With true childhood innocence, Aiden will tell everyone he meets about his "girlfriend," Stella, and how pretty she is.

Last night, Stella came over to play while her mommy and daddy enjoyed a much-deserved grown-up evening, and those kiddos had such a good time together. There were moments of quibbling over toys and arguing about whose turn it was, but overall, they had a great time together. Aiden kept calling Stella his "sweetie pie" and telling her "I love you, Stellie" (his 'pet name' for her). He even told her "I like your dressed, Stella. You look beautiful." They chased each other on the playground and giggled together at the dinner table, then enjoyed Popsicles in the bathtub. And when Stella had to go home, there were more than a few protests on both sides. After she left with her parents, as we settled Aiden into bed for the night, he confided in me softly, "I miss Stella, mama." It really warms my heart to see Aiden find such friendship at this early age.


The Fox Family said...

The friendship is awesome to see! We are so blessed to have the Parker Pack as our friends!

Granna said...

Angela and Brad,I agree, there is no cuter picture than one of good friends sharing a tub bath. I have one "famous" photo of Stella's daddy with a girl in the tub too. God bless all of you young sweet families.
Laura Fox

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