Thursday, October 9, 2008

An American Cliche

How did this happen?? Brad and I have evolved into the typical American cliche of a family: Husband and Wife, with 2 kids (a boy and a girl), a dog, a house in the suburbs, and a mini-van. Yes, that's right, I am now the owner of a mini-van.

For all of my old friends who are rolling on the floor at the irony that I, the woman-who-swore-she'd-never-own-a-minivan, am now proudly driving one around town, I would just say this: never say never. I have learned that life has a way of always proving you wrong when you say the words "I'll never...." For example, when I was single, I said I'd never marry a military man--too much moving around! Before having children, I used to say I'd never spank my kids and I'd never be one of those people that breastfed a kid with teeth--well, Aiden hasn't had many spankings, but his hind end has been swatted by my hand a couple of well-deserved times, and I also breastfed Aiden until he was 2, for about 18 months past that first tooth I was so squeamish about. And although I swore a minivan would never be parked in my driveway, I now own one and find it has been the best auto purchase EVER!

Aiden loves his new "ban." He's named the van "Casper," after Brad told him that the remote start was actually a friendly ghost living in our van that started the car for us when we told him to. Somehow, Aiden decided our white van itself should be named Casper, and it has stuck. He loves climbing in and out of the van by himself, now able to get into his seat and buckle himself like a big boy, with little help from mommy. There are also about a million buttons in the vehicle for him to push, so he enjoys nothing more than pushing the buttons to open and close the doors and turn on the DVD system.

We were able to find a demo van with 5000 miles on it that was pretty loaded with features, but because of the miles, it was heavily marked down, so we got a lot of options we hadn't planned on getting. I love the fact that it has auto-sliding doors and Aiden can get himself in and out without my help (he's HEAVY, especially for a 9 months pregnant woman). Brad likes the fact that it has the bigger engine and comfy rear seats that recline so he can nap while I drive. And Aiden loves the fact that he can play video games and watch movies on the DVD system while going down the road. So we're all pretty content with our new purchase.

Brad and I may be a cliche, but you know what? We wouldn't trade our life together for the world. God has taken good care of us and we have a happy healthy family--cliche or not, what more could we ask for?


The Fox Family said...

I say ROCK THE VAN... you my friend are the one person I know who can bring back the hippness of a Mini-Van...can't wait to take a ride in the new "RIDE"

And if I know our friends Brad and Angela you'll find way cool uses for those reclining back on a date night when Aubrey and Aiden are with us of course!

Katie said...

Yes, minivans are the way to go! Once you use yours for awhile, you'll LOVE it! Mine doubles as a pick-up for all my home improvement projects. The back, with all the seats down, is exactly 4 x 8, perfect for plywood, drywall ect...
John was the hard one to talk into a van for our family...for months he called it "the V word". Congrats and enjoy!!

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