Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today we visited the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch in Celina, TX with our Life Group from church. What a fun fall outing! The Fox family, the Lashers and the Craddocks were all in attendance--which meant plenty of preschool drama, but all-in-all a fun day. The kiddos started out with feeding the livestock--there were pens of cattle and goats and sheep to feed, even some longhorns. The girls were eager to stretch out their hands and feed the animals, but Aiden wouldn't get near the animals. Brad finally coaxed him into petting the ear of a particularly docile goat, but that was as close as he was getting! (Strange, too, since he's fed animals like this several times before!)

Afterwards, we piled Macy, Stella and Aiden into the barrel train for a ride--they were too cute, all crammed in there together! Aiden had spied a jungle gym and a roping practice pen during the train ride, so he dragged us all over to check it out. Then we all piled in for a hay ride around the lake, where we discovered that "Farmer Frank" had been rolled into a bale of hay, his backside and legs sticking straight out! (Aiden got a kick out of this--of course, it set off an hour's worth of questions as to how he got stuck in there, but it was pretty cute). After the hayride, we all gathered at a picnic table for hot dogs and shared some cupcakes to celebrate Stella's 3rd birthday.

After lunch, Aiden set off into the pumpkin patch to find the perfect specimen to take home. He gathered five or six potential picks and lined them up, finally picking the perfect "tiny pumpkin." I had anticipated a major battle with Aiden, figuring he'd pick the largest pumpkin he could find and even warned Brad before we arrived that if Aiden wanted a pumpkin, he had to be able to pick it up--that was the rule for the day. But he surprised us all and tried to find the perfect, tiny pumpkin--he said he wanted one just his size. Afterwards, we loaded our treasures and headed home for naps all around. What a fun day to mark the beginning of fall!

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