Thursday, October 23, 2008

The things we do for our children...

So, Aiden and I were watching "Good Morning Texas" recently while getting ready for work and school, and a man was making Pumpkin Soup on the show. Well, Aiden decides that HE wants to make pumpkin soup out of his pumpkin that he picked out at the pumpkin patch, so I figure, Why not?

I go online and find the recipe--doesn't sound too hard, but then I realize that it uses butternut squash, not the type of pumpkin we picked out. I try to dissuade Aiden away from pumpkin soup: "Why don't we paint your pumpkin instead?" I ask (it's too small to carve). But no, Aiden is adamant about his desire for pumpkin soup, so I figure I'll just make it as the recipe dictates and tell him we put some pumpkin in it, too, and he'll be happy. He wants pumpkin soup that night for dinner, but I inform him we don't have the ingredients and I can't go to the market that day because of a full day at work, and tell him we'll try to get the ingredients tomorrow and make it. [Insert huge tantrum here.]

The next day, Aiden and I go to the market and buy all the ingredients, but by the time we get home form a marathon of errands, it is too late that evening to start the adventure of making pumpkin soup. [Insert SECOND huge tantrum here.] "We have all the 'gredients, Mama! I want pumpkin soup tonight!" I finally talk him down from the ledge and promise him, pumpkin soup tomorrow night!

The next evening, I keep my promise and make the pumpkin soup. This is no easy task--there are lots of ingredients, a lot of veggies to be chopped, a long simmer time, and then there's the pureeing of the hot soup. As I get about halfway in, I realize that this recipe is going to make a LOT of soup--my stock pot is COMPLETELY FULL--and I say a quick prayer that we'll actually like the stuff.

Hours later, after slaving away, I finally deliver the finished product to the table. I taste it, and its delicious (thank you, Lord!). Brad likes it as well--it is a Thai-inspired recipe, a little spicy, but creamy and yummy as well. I look over at Aiden and urge him to taste it, and then he informs me, in a voice full of disdain "I don't LIKE pumpkin soup Mommy--I changed my mind."

[Insert a silent tantrum inside Mommy's head here.]

Three days of tantrums, a few sessions of begging that involved actual tears, hours of cooking, a fortune in ingredients, and the child won't even TASTE it! Remind me again, WHY do I do these things for my child?!

After it was all said and done, I had about 2 gallons of pumpkin soup. All I can say is, I hope our frinds enjoyed their "gift" of a jar of pumpkin soup!

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