Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aiden and Aubrey

One of the reasons I am so excited for Aubrey to get here is I want to see how Aiden and Aubrey interact. Yes, I know that there will be a few bumps in the road, and Aiden may (a) completely ignore her, (b) outright despise her, (c) be completely fascinated by her, or (d) act with a combination of all of the above. But already, I find it so adorable how he tries to interact with her in my belly.

Aiden likes to "cuddle with Aubrey" at night before bed. He curls himself up around my belly, his smelly boy feet up in my face usually threatening to break my nose, and talks to her. He'll kiss my belly, make silly noises, and even pretend that Aubrey is kicking him off the bed. Last night, he decided he wanted to cuddle with her while I was trying to get him to say his prayer, so I told him he should teach Aubrey his prayer. He would say his prayer into my belly button, and then put his ear to my belly and "translate" her baby talk to us: "Aubrey says 'La ga ba ba la la'." He is so silly, but so cute.

I hope he takes well to being a big brother. I've had so many moments of worry over how he'll adapt to his new role in our family. I worry about my ability to love them both enough, to give them both the attention and time they need from me. I'm so excited and grateful and happy about this new little person joining our family, but I'm also a little scared and worried. I'm sure that we'll adjust, that my heart will grow large enough for them both, that I'll learn how to balance their needs and demands, and that Brad and I will one day look back and wonder why we ever thought having one kid was so hard.

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