Monday, November 24, 2008

First Doctor's Visit

Today Aubrey went to see her pediatrician, Dr. Pflieger, for the first time. She received a clean bill of health and did beautifully at her appointment. She was born weighing 7 lbs. 8 oz., had lost down to 7 lbs. 3 oz. by the time we left the hospital, but already she's gained back to 7 lbs. 7 oz. Since babies are given 2 weeks to regain their birth weight, she's quite the overachiever!

All that weight gain might have something to do with the fact that this little girl nurses non-stop most of the night! She has her days and nights completely mixed up, so she sleeps for 4-6 hour stretches during the day, feeds around 10 PM and gives me a 3 hour block of sleep, then wakes after 2 hours for a feeding, then wakes after an hour at 4 AM and basically feeds non-stop until 6:30 or 7 AM. Needless to say, Mommy is sporting some pretty impressive dark circles under her eyes these days, but I'm able to catch an occasional cat-nap, so I'm doing OK. Now when Brad goes back to work next week and its just Aiden and I, that will be interesting....

Aubrey is doing great in the nursing department--it is so much easier the second time around! Just like with Aiden, I have the opposite problem of most women and have WAY too much milk, plus a very forceful let-down, so poor Aubrey is having to gulp and choke her way through feedings, but at least I know how to deal with all of that the second time around to make things a little easier on her.

Aiden is adjusting well to his big brother role. Today, his school had a Thanksgiving Feast that all of the parents were invited to, so we took Aubrey in with us for a half-hour or so to enjoy lunch with Aiden. He was so excited to show off his little sister to all of his friends. He'd call them over by name, saying "Come see my little sister!" "Look, my baby sister is here!" The kids were all well-behaved and (luckily) kept their distance, with their hands in their pockets when they came over to see her, so I didn't have to tackle any germy pre-schoolers from touching the newborn! Aiden had made a Thanksgiving place mat for his feast that he showed off as well: he listed that he was thankful for his Teddy, his toys, his backpack, his family, and his baby sister. Too cute!

I'm off to catch a quick shower before Princess Poopy Pants, as Aiden is referring to his sister (along with "Naked Stinky Girl") wakes up. More pics soon, I promise, just haven't had a chance to unload them from the camera!

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Anonymous said...

wanted to let you know I've enjoyed reading your blog and keeping with our family's friends. Congratulations on your new arrival.
The Indiana Lashers
Breckin's grandma

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