Saturday, November 8, 2008

A little cheese with that whine?

Aiden has reached that dreaded stage--he whines CONSTANTLY! Brad and I are at our wits end by bedtime. There are times when I seriously contemplate driving sharp objects into my ears just to end the torture. Brad and I are trying so hard to maintain our patience, but there are moments....

I'm not sure which is worse, though, the whining or the back talk. Nothing like having your kid look at you with utter disdain and say, "I don't care, Mommy." Or the ever-lovely "I'm not your friend anymore, Mommy," after I've doled out a punishment he didn't care for. And the one that really stung, "Go away, Mama. I don't want you here."

Of course, I know all of this is just an attempt to assert his independence, and even he is confused by it all. Just after telling me to go away, as I just looked at him and turned to leave his room, he clamored for me. "Wait, Mama, don't go! I want company!" he said as he threw himself in my arms.

My strong-willed child can be such a challenge sometimes, and there are moments when I think, "Why couldn't I have had one of those easy-going kids?" But then I'll see him put that stubborn independence to good use and I know I wouldn't trade him, and all of his quirks, for anything in the world.

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