Monday, November 10, 2008

A little flashback to the ol' days

With it being Veteran's Day tomorrow, Brad got a 4-day weekend, not having to return to work until Wednesday. We decided to send Aiden to school anyway today, and Brad and I enjoyed a rare day of "adult time" together. Granted, we spent a good portion of our day Christmas shopping for Aiden, but it was still so nice just to have uninterrupted adult conversation. Reminded us a little of what it was like to be married without kids, back in the ol' days.

We started off the day at my weekly ultrasound appointment with the maternal-fetal medicine specialist. Today was kind of cool since Philips, the company that makes the ultrasound machines, was demo-ing a new, high-tech machine at the doc's office. We got to be the guinea pigs for the new machine, which meant we even got a few minutes of 4-D ultrasound time for free. It was so crowded in my uterus, we couldn't see much of Ms. Aubrey's lovely face, but she was looking quite snug and adorable in there. She puckered her lips and made little smacking faces for us a few times. And she checked out perfectly healthy, with plenty of amniotic fluid, so that was a relief. She's measuring at 7 lbs. 12 oz, though, so I'm hoping she'll come soon, before she fattens up too much!

After the appointment, we headed to brunch at Cafe Brazil. We actually got to enjoy a meal in which we didn't spend the entire time nagging "Sit down! Knees or bottom! Use your manners!" And we could actually talk to each other! Without being interrupted to answer 45 questions that start with the word, "Why?"

Then it was off to toy shop, which is always fun. I love the opportunity to spoil Aiden a little at Christmas, although I always feel like I can never make all of his wishes come true--the kid's list is HUGE! But we did our best to get him all the cool stuff he wants (and avoid all of the toys that will be discarded to the bottom of the toy box 5 minutes after being opened).

With tired feet and a much lighter wallet, we headed home to enjoy another "pre-kid-days" ritual--an afternoon nap! It was such a dreary, rainy day that it was perfect napping weather, and I couldn't help but take advantage of it. Afterwards we spent some time on the couch talking, and then it was off to get Aiden from school. And although it was nice to enjoy a kid-free day, I have to admit, I was very happy to see my guy's smiling little face and hear him tell me about all his adventures at school today.

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