Friday, November 14, 2008

More than meets the eye!

Aiden's latest obsession is Transformers (or, as Aiden says, Transfarmers). This one has lasted for a while--ever since he first got an Optimus Prime transformer in a happy meal several months ago. Aiden wore an Optimus Prime Halloween costume, his favorite shirt has Optimus Prime on it and plays the cartoon's theme song. He now has quite a collection of Transformer toys, shoes with Bumblebee on them, and even Transformer underwear. But now, we've taken the obsession to a whole new level.

The other day, Brad went into Aiden's room, where he was watching a video while I cooked dinner. He had his blocks out and had lined up a few creations in the chair next to his. "What are those, Aiden?" his daddy asked. "These are my 'Transfarmers.' They're watching my movie with me. They're keeping me company." So now, he's building his own Transformer imaginary friends!

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