Saturday, November 15, 2008

My son, the elephant

They say an elephant never forgets, and that is definitely true of my little guy. He can remember the smallest detail: if I miss a part in his favorite story, if I forget to follow-through on some off-hand promise from earlier in the day. He never cuts me any slack!

Lately, he has been on this repetition kick that is driving Brad and I nuts. Every night, we have to read the same book over and over again--it's a National Geographic Kids magazine on Polar Bears. I think we've read this one for 6 nights in a row now. The first night, Mommy read it using the help of Mr. Doggy, one of Aiden's puppets. Mr. Doggy made a few silly wisecracks throughout the story, and every night, I've had to repeat those same jokes over and over again. If I were to dare miss one, Aiden is quick to point out my omission and demand that I tell it right. I mean, the first time I joked during a "name that picture" exercise that a rose bush was "a good bush to pee on, just watch out for the thorns" it was cute. But after 6 nights of repeat performances, I'm starting to wonder how comedians can stand their jobs--repeating the same material over and over again kind of sucks! But for Aiden, he laughs as if its the first time he's heard the joke--and how can I resist the repeat performance, when I'm rewarded with that adorable belly-shaking guffaw night after night.

The say repetition helps kids to feel secure and also pick out all of the subtleties of a story or joke and understand it better, but I'll tell you, for the adults, it is sheer torture! Hopefully we can pry the book from Aiden, introduce a new story, and get Mr. Doggy to tell some other potty-based joke that will keep Aiden laughing soon!

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