Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Yes, today is Veteran's Day--I know for many families, this holiday goes by completely unnoticed--I certainly never knew what day it was or marked it in any way growing up. But since marrying an Army man, I now have a new appreciation for this holiday.

So many men and women have lost life or limb to get this country to where it is today. Is our country perfect? No, of course not. Do we have our problems? Sure! But compare just for one moment the freedoms we enjoy daily to the oppressive lifestyle that so many others in the world live with, and you can't help but feel gratitude for the service of the soldiers who sacrificed to make this land what it is.

Their sacrifices can be as grand as giving their life for a fellow brother or sister-at-arms, or as simple as missing yet another child's soccer game for field training, but make no mistake about it--our soldiers, whether stateside or overseas, are making sacrifices daily. They constantly put their duty before their own families and certainly their own desires, not because they somehow don't care about the others in their life, but because their loyalty to country and their fellow service members must come first.

So today, I just say "Thank you," to all of the men and women of the Armed Forces, past, present and future, for sacrificing so much to give me and my family the right to enjoy the simple pleasures of a free life. Thank you for your dedication, your loyalty to country and your fellow man, and your selfless service to this great nation.

[To read about the history of Veteran's Day and how it came about, click here.]

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Jason, Patty and Eliana Grace said...

Thank you for posting this. It is so very true. And thank you Brad for all you do and have done to serve this country. The Smith family greatly appreciates it!

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