Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Freckles, the chocolate thief??

Tonight I walked into Aiden's room to tuck him into bed. I spied a half-unwrapped chocolate bar peeking from behind his bedroom door.

Mommy: Aiden, what's that?

Aiden: I don't know.

Mommy: Looks like a half-eaten candy bar to me. Looks just like the one you asked me if you could have earlier, and I told you not until after dinner.

Aiden: I don't know.

Mommy: How did it get there?

Aiden: I don't know.

Mommy: Did you put it there?

Aiden: No!

Mommy: SOMEONE had to put it there. Was it you? Are you lying to me?

Aiden: It wasn't me! I'm not lying!

Mommy: Then who put it there?

Aiden: Freckles.

(This is the point at which I lose Brad--he snorts in concealed laughter and runs from the room, unable to keep a straight face).

Mommy: Aiden, Freckles doesn't have thumbs, she can't open chocolate bars. I think you did it. Did you eat that chocolate bar?

Aiden (hanging his head in defeat): Yes, I ate it.

We had a nice long chat about lying after that, but I still had a hard time keeping a straight face. 3 years old, and already blaming the dog! Nice try, buddy, nice try!

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