Monday, December 15, 2008

An update on Aubrey and some pics

Baby girl is doing well. She's just gone through her 3 week growth spurt and has kept me chained to the couch for several days, feeding every hour during the day. She's had the midnight fussies a couple of nights this week, crying from around 11 PM 'til around 2 AM, mostly from gas pains from gulping her milk all day. It is exhausting, but at least she sleeps until around 7 AM afterwards, giving us all some much-needed sleep. She's also started losing her hair on top, so she looks like the "before" patient in a Rogain ad. We joke that she has inherited her Papaw Charlie's hairline.

Otherwise, she is perfect. Aubrey is a laid-back little lady. She can sleep through Aiden's tantrums, which is amazing. If she hadn't already had her hearing tested, I'd think she must be deaf! She's starting to spend more and more time awake during the day and is getting very strong--the girl can lift her head up when laying on her tummy and can even keep her head upright for a long time when we sit her up. She loves to watch Aiden and all of his funny faces--she'll gaze at him for several minutes at a time, holding her attention better than anyone else.

Here are a couple of recent pics of her--I am trying to get all of her pics off of the cameras and into the computer, but with her feeding so often last week, I am pretty behind. More pics soon, I promise!


Becky said...

Aubree is beautiful and Aiden is getting so big!
I am so glad I found your blog. I need your address, so I can send you a Christmas Card. Please email at
Hope to see you guys at Christmas.

Katie said...

Yea! Pics of Aubrey! She is soooo precious!

The Lashers said...

No denying she's a Parker.

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