Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

AIDEN PARKER, for Best Dramatic Performance following a Doctor's Appointment! Aiden got his 4-year old vaccinations yesterday. THAT was quite an adventure! I'm glad Brad was able to join me for the appointment--we needed all the hands we could get just to get the shots in the poor kid!

The appointment started off fine, with Aiden excited about seeing Dr. Pflieger--Aiden gets a kick out of the trick the doc does with his ears--he makes them wiggle in time with Aiden 's heartbeat when he puts the stethoscope to Aiden's chest. But then the office tech made the mistake of saying, "I'll be right back with Aiden's shots," and my little guy dove for cover under the exam table. The tech took her sweet time getting the shots ready, so I spent the next 15 minutes trying to coax my 4-year old out from under the table. "You're not my friend anymore!" he yelled at me. "I don't love you anymore!" (that one kind of hurt). "Shots are NOT my favorite!" he screamed.

I finally got him to emerge by purposefully butchering the "This little piggy..." rhyme with Aubrey's toes. "This little piggy went fishing, this little piggy ate pizza...." "That's not right!" Aiden protested, and crawled out to correctly wiggle Aubrey's toes and recite the rhyme. A nurse then came in to move us to another room, so we moved down the hall and were, luckily, able to distract Aiden well-enough that he didn't crawl back under the new exam table. A minute later, the nurses came in with the needles, and Aiden started screaming. Brad had them give him a saline injection in the arm, so Aiden could see what to expect, but that didn't help, either. Brad had to hold him in his lap, another nurse helped to hold him down, and I tried to get him to focus on me and calm down. The other kids in the office probably thought Aiden was being tortured, the way he screamed. He had to get 3 injections, one in each arm and one in the leg, and it was pretty awful, trying to get them all done.

After it was over, Dr. Pflieger came in to see Aubrey, and when Aiden told him about the shots, he offered to take him to get a candy bar. Well, Aiden stood up to go down the hall for the candy, and he limped all the way down the hall. During Aubrey's exam, we gave Aiden his Leapster video game to play with, but he said he couldn't play it, because his arms were broken from the shots. For the rest of the day, except during karate class, when he had a "miraculous" recovery, Aiden limped around like a crippled child, keeping his arms feebly by his side and unable to pick up or hold anything.

After dinner, we heated up a rice bag for Aiden, telling him the warm compress would make his leg feel better. Well, he had to have his "compass" all night in his bed, and he even woke us up at 6 AM to ask us to reheat his "compass" up. He wanted to take it to school with him, but Brad told him he'd be fine. When he walked into his classroom, he limped in. The kid has quite the flair for drama! I have a feeling we'll be hearing about those horrible 4 year old shots for a while!


Becky said...

Wow! You need to get that kid an agent!

Katie said...

I have one with some dramatic flair too! She's also a red head! Even though she was 6 and only had to get 2 shots last time, it took three of us to hold her down...yes lots of screaming! My 4 and 3 yr old weren't 1/2 as dramatic.

By the way, Chloe is looking at your blog with me and tells me you took like a teenager. I had to pass that on, since it's something every mom likes to hear :)

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