Thursday, January 29, 2009

Conversations with Aiden

It's been a while since I've posted any of these, so just a few things Aiden has had to say recently!

He's obsessed with Star Wars, but doesn't have the characters quite right!
Darf Mater=Darth Vader
Jar Jar Jay=Jar Jar Binks

Also, according to Aiden, he loves me "a million." He gets that a million is a big number, but he thinks 100 is more than a million, despite my repeated explanations.

I think my son has been possessed by a 16-year-old Valley Girl--he's been saying "Whatever," "Totally," and "Awesome" constantly! Complete with eye roll (but no hair flip, luckily).

This morning, Aiden informed me he wants another baby. He's actually been asking for this for a couple of weeks now. He wants a "brudder" this time, and at first he wanted to name it Aiden, but when I explained how that might be confusing, he decided he wants to name it "Mr. Will." (You should feel honored, Mr. Lasher.) When I explained that God picks whether it is a girl or boy, he informed me that we could have a girl and name her Stella. Then he suggested we have 2 babies, one boy, one girl. But, he said he didn't want a million babies, that would be too many! I would have to agree!

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The Lashers said...

Thanks Mr. Aiden. I feel extra special that you would want to name your brudder after me.

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