Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The family curse

All of the members of our Parker Pack are cursed with one thing...allergies! Brad has suffered from a severe case of eczema for much of his adult life, as well as outdoor allergies. I have a huge list of drug allergies as well as outdoor allergies and a horrible allergy to book mold (my face can swell huge in minutes if I check out the wrong book at the library!). Aiden takes 4 medications to control his allergies to both outdoor stuff like trees and grasses and mild allergies to wheat and eggs. And now, it appears that poor Aubrey has been saddled with the curse as well: she's broken out into a rash on her face! The rash is only on her face, so it appears to be some sort of contact dermititis, probably to either a detergent we use on our clothing or a skincare product. We've had the worst time trying to figure out what it is that bothers her so much. Finally, though, it appears to be clearing up!

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