Thursday, January 8, 2009

I can't believe it...

Aubrey, my sweet 7 week old baby, slept through the night last night! We put her down at 10:45 last night, and she didn't wake until 7:15 this morning! That's 8 1/2 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep! It came at just the right time, too--I was pretty exhausted by dinner-time last night and had gotten to the point of tears, so I definitely needed the rest.

Things are going well in the Parker household. Aubrey is growing like a weed! She's begun spending more and more time awake during the days, giving her daddy and I lots of smiles and coos, especially during diaper changing time. She LOVES to be naked--lets just hope she outgrows that in the next couple of years!

Aiden is adjusting to brotherhood--he's gotten better with the tantrums in the past week. I think part of it is that he's afraid of losing Wii time if he misbehaves. I created "Wii Time Tickets" worth 5 minutes each. Aiden gets 6 tickets/30 minutes of Wii time every day. If he misbehaves, I take them away, and if he is really good or is especially helpful, he gets extra Wii time tickets. This system seems to be working well so far--he's deathly afraid of losing game playing time--if it were up to him, he'd live on the Wii!

We're still having some regression issues with Aiden since Aubrey arrived--he's started having more wet underwear accidents and will ask us to feed him or hold him like a baby sometimes, but all of this is to be expected when you turn a kid's world upside down! He's great with Aubrey, though, and doesn't act out towards her, so that's a relief.

I am slowly adjusting to having 2 kids. The key is just lowering your expectations. For example, you need to know that it will take you 4 times as long to complete any simple task. You have to learn to filter out the piles of laundry and dishes when looking at your home. And give up on the idea of long showers (defined by any shower over 3 minutes) and accept the idea that you will only get to wash your hair every 3 days. (Thank goodness I look OK in a ponytail!) I swear, as soon as I clean one mess, Aiden has made a new one, and when I'm nursing Aubrey, he's usually in another room destroying the house! But I figure all of this can't last forever--if nothing else, I'll at least get to have a clean house in 18 years or so!

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Becky said...

It will all get better and in a few years when they are self sufficient, you will actually miss these days. I promise!

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