Monday, February 16, 2009

The Great Deceiver

Thursday was a typical day at our house--no school for Aiden, so the three of us hang out at home most of the day and run a few errands before Karate class at 6:45. Aiden was in a mood that day and running me ragged--I swear, the boy's fingers must have been sore from pushing my buttons all day! He'd whacked me with a toy, talked back to me, argued, whined, thrown tantrums, and flat out ignored everything I'd asked/told him to do all day.
At this point, I'd asked him to pick up the trail of toys he'd covered the living room floor with while I'd been nursing Aubrey, but he just kept ignoring me. I was trying to get dinner cooked and get Aiden fed before his class while he picked up, so it seemed every two minutes I would go into the living room and get Aiden started with picking up toys, but as soon as I went back into the kitchen, he'd stop picking up and starting making more messes. When I walked in for the hundredth time and found him using a squirt bottle to spray water on the cardboard puzzle pieces he'd scattered all over our tile entry floor, I finally let him have it.
I yelled at him, "What on earth do you think you are doing? I've asked you to pick up toys, and here you are making MORE messes and ignoring what I told you to do!"

My son looked up at me with wide eyes and a completely straight face and replied, "Satan tricked me, Mommy. Satan made me do it!"

I had to spin around and hide my face to keep from laughing. Not that Satan or his trickery is any laughing matter, but that my young son would bust out with this in the middle of getting in trouble, well, that was pretty funny. As a mom who very much remembers what it was to be a kid, I had to give him credit for that one--I mean, really, I pulled out a few whoppers in my day and came up with some great reasons why I wasn't to be blamed for my mistakes as a kid, but that one was golden! And his timing, I had to admire that!

I picked him up, and deposited him on the "Naughty Spot" rug for a time out. After his 4 minutes were up, I went to collect him and talk about his bad behavior, and then suggested that we pray to God and ask Him to help Aiden to just ignore Satan's naughty ideas and pray that God help Aiden listen to his Mommy and Daddy!

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