Friday, February 6, 2009

Heard in our house this week...

Mommy: Aiden, I will pay you $10 dollars if you can tell me where you hid my cell phone.

Aiden: I don't remember, Mama.

Mommy: Maybe some Peter Piper Pizza will jog your memory? Find it, and I'll take you to play games for 2 hours!!


Mommy: Aiden, your breath smells like feet!

Aiden: I ate my toe jam. I LOVE toe jam!

Mommy: Aiden, EW!! That's GROSS!!

Aiden: I spit it out--I didn't swallow it!


Mommy: Aiden, what do you want to ask God tonight?

Aiden: Please, God, I don't want to be fat.

Mommy: Um, anything else?

Aiden: Please God, I don't want to go on the naughty spot, so please God, don't make me be naughty.

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