Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little behind...

I've fallen a little behind in my blogging lately, but I haven't really been around much. In the past week, I've only spent a couple of nights in my own bed. My grandfather had a heart attack last Monday and ended up having an emergency triple bypass Tuesday. Aubrey and I drove up to Oklahoma City Tuesday morning in time to see him for a few minutes before he went into surgery and then stayed until late Wednesday night. I got home at about 1 AM on Thursday morning and then the whole family left at 2 PM that same day for San Antonio, so we could see Brad's grandfather before he had surgery to remove a tumor in his bladder on Friday morning. We stayed through Monday, so we could celebrate Brad's mom's birthday, then got home late Monday night. Talk about a whirlwind of driving and visiting family!
I'm just thankful that both grandfathers came through surgery safely and are recovering well. We're still praying that my 86-year-old grandfather will be able to go home soon, and the pathology report isn't yet back on Brad's grandfather's tumor--we know it is cancer, but not sure how serious. So say a little prayer for these wonderful men that they will both survive these trials and get many more years to spoil their grandchildren.

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