Sunday, April 5, 2009

Aubrey is growing up!

It is hard to believe my baby is almost 5 months old! Every day she learns something new, it seems. She's become quite vocal lately, shrieking and cooing and babbling away. She recently began eating solid foods, and we've learned that she hates rice cereal and bananas, but loves pears, sweet potatoes (if mom roasts them and mashes them, but not from the jar), oatmeal and butternut squash. Aubrey is a take charge kind of gal--she grabs the spoon and yanks it right into her mouth when she's hungry, but if she isn't in the mood for solids, there is no getting those lips to open up! She loves to spend time in her exersaucer, bouncing away and mouthing any toy she can get close to her face.

Aubrey has learned to roll onto her tummy and back onto her backside, and she is very flexible--that kid can manage to get her toes into her mouth from any position, even when buckled into her car seat. She loves her baths and is a pretty talented splasher--Mommy (and the floor) usually ends up soaked from head to toe by the time we're finished.

Baby girl is fascinated by her big brother--she will smile and shriek and do everything she can think of to get his attention. Today in church she reached for his ear and gave a yank, which didn't make Aiden too happy. I think she was trying to eat Aiden up--she kept opening her mouth and trying to figure out a way to get some body part of his into her mouth to gnaw on!

We are truly lucky to have such a laid back, easy-going baby. She rarely cries, is always full of smiles, and is content to just ride along in her Baby Bjorn with me. She catches the eye of people wherever we go, with her sparkling eyes and her wide smile and her adorable shrieks of laughter. Here are some pics of our little angel from the past few weeks.


Becky said...

She is beautiful! I love little bald babies...both my babies were slow in getting hair and I thought they were adorable.

Ashley said...

I love the picture with her foot in her mouth!

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