Saturday, April 18, 2009

I gave birth to a hyena

The days of nursing a sweet infant, who would hold my hand and stare lovingly at me, are long over. These days, getting a belly full of milk into my girl means a 30-minute battle that entails putting one of the most sensitive parts of my body into the mouth of a someone who wants to bite anything that comes close and who doesn't understand the word No. She hits me. She scratches me. She bites me and laughs when I yelp and yank away. She grabs my hair and tugs with all her might, and if I take it away, she grabs my clothes or my skin and pulls.

Aubrey is getting her first taste of discipline, now. I'm hoping that a firm "NO!" and having the breast taken away will be enough to teach her I'm serious about this biting stuff, but so far, she seems to think it is funny. Even though I end the nursing session, she usually acts as if she doesn't care, since she only begins her antics once my milk has already let down and she's gotten a belly full. Hopefully this stage will pass quickly--before my baby girl gets those first teeth she's working on! Until then, anyone know where I can get an armor-plated nipple shield??

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Becky said...

Ashton and I went through the same thing. She didn't completely stop, but I got her to change what she was doing so it was tolerable until she was ready to wein.

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