Friday, April 3, 2009

Take me out to the ballpark....

Playing center field, with Daddy coaching nearby.

Big swing!

Made it to first base!

Man, these cleats get dirty out here!

I made it!

Aiden had his first tee ball game today, and what a fun night it was! Aiden plays for the Rangers, and he looks quite dashing in his blue jersey and cap--even though they both swallow him whole! The hat was so big, it kept pushing down his ears and giving him a "Dopey-like" appearance.

Aiden's team started out in the field, with Aiden playing center field. Aiden wasn't too pleased about being so far back, which didn't give him the opportunity to field many balls, so he got antsy a few times, picking grass, dancing around, and being silly. But when it was his team's turn to bat, Aiden was ready! He marched right up and whacked the ball, and was so excited he almost forgot to run to first base. When the next player hit the ball, it soared into center field, and Aiden got a little distracted as he ran to second base--he followed the ball into center field to try to grab it! The coaches got him back on track, and he was happy to run to third on the next hit, where Daddy was waiting as 3rd base coach. Another hit and he ran to home plate, and once there, he gave a crowd-pleasing, booty shaking victory dance that had everyone laughing. In the second inning, he got the opportunity to field a few balls. He made it around the bases a bit more smoothly the second time around, except for a quick time out on second base to clean the dirt off of his cleats. He reprised his victory dance performance, to the delight of his fans, and then hustled back to the dugout to down some Gatorade from all of that hard work it took to get around the bases.

Aiden enjoyed his first game immensely. There are no winners or losers in Pee Wee leagues, just a great time, and Aiden had so much fun with his fellow teammates. His fan club also enjoyed watching his face light up as he played the field and ran around the bases. It was the first game in a long 15-game season, and I'll be spending the next few weeks with my chauffeur cap snugly in place, but it will worth it, if only because of that adorable smile.

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