Friday, May 22, 2009

Aubrey's Half Birthday!

I can't believe it--my little baby is 6 months old. Where did the time go?

Aubrey is doing so well. It feels like in just the past month, her little personality has really begun to emerge. She grins and giggles, she does this adorable, open-mouthed, stiff armed look of utter excitement when something catches her eye, and she's begun shaking her head no--at pretty much everything! She gets so into it, her whole body moves along! She will grab your face and pull you in for a giant open-mouthed kiss, and if you try to ignore her for a moment, she will kick out a foot or grab a handful of hair and give it a yank and then smile so big when you look over at her. She rolls from back to front to back again effortlessly, she can almost sit unsupported (she's still wobbly), and she has begun signing "all done" after meals occasionally. (We're working on a few baby signs--all done, more, nurse--to help her communicate; Aiden picked up the signs very easily when he was a baby and it really helped me to know what he wanted/needed).

And what an easy baby she is! She rarely cries, she's full of smiles, and she has the most laid-back temperament. I can nurse her and lay her down in her crib at nap time and bedtime, fully awake, tuck her lovey next to her, and she'll just roll onto her side, pop her thumb in her mouth, close her eyes and fall asleep in minutes. And then she sleeps through the night, awaking in the morning with a smile on her face.

Aubrey is a unique baby in many ways, though. She doesn't babble--she sings and shrieks. She doesn't cry--she "spits" or blows raspberries when frustrated or angry. She doesn't like fruit or cereal--she likes meat and vegetables. She doesn't push up with her arms when on her belly--she lifts her arms and feet up from the ground and does the "superman" instead. She shows no interest in crawling, but she loves to stand and will try to walk when held on her feet.

We went for her 6 month well-child visit, and Aubrey is doing beautifully. She weighs 15 pounds(25th %ile), measures 25.75 inches(50th %ile) and has a head circumference of 17 inches(75th %ile), which boils down to her being long, skinny and with a big head! Developmentally, she's doing very well, and although she isn't babbling(like most babies her age), the doc assured me that she's fine, since she is communicating her needs and interacting, albeit in a different way than usual.

What I really love to see is the bond between Aiden and Aubrey that has developed. Aiden just walks into the room and Aubrey's head swivels around, shrieking out to get his attention. He will act silly to entertain her, and he gets very protective of his little sister when strangers talk to her in the store or try to touch her. I look forward to seeing this bond grow over the next few years (although, I'm certain that with the friendship will come plenty of bickering as well).

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