Monday, May 18, 2009

Jack of all trades

Aiden's imagination has really taken off lately. It is so fun to watch him take a few random items and paint this imaginary world around him. His fantasies usually revolve around being a grown-up and what sort of things he'll do. Saturday, Aiden decided he was going to attend garbage truck driver school and be a garbage man. He spent the afternoon filling little boxes with toys and dumping them in our storage ottoman a.k.a. the garbage truck. Sunday, he decided he was going to be Santa Claus when he grew up, and Aubrey was going to be his elf. He "practiced" by delivering toys to Brad and I for being good--but I was a little disappointed to see that Brad's presents were bigger than mine--apparently Aiden thinks Daddy has been "gooder" than Mommy!

His goals are quite varied. Here's a list of his recent career aspirations:

Soldier, like Daddy.
Policeman, so he can shoot bad guys and take them to jail.
Spiderman, so he can climb walls.
Doctor: he likes to give shots to Mommy, but he sure doesn't like getting them!
A daddy
Professional Wii player
Jedi, like Kenobi Over One (Obi-Wan Kenobi)
A "computer guy"--he borrowed my stapler and a pair of scissors, and said his work was to tap on the keyboard and but paper up. Hmmm, doesn't sound too far off of what some of my friends do at work all day :)
The ice cream man
Garbage truck driver
Santa Claus

Whatever he decides, you can bet his Mommy will be proud!

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