Friday, June 12, 2009

All aboard!

All aboard the Boomerang Express, that is! Aiden went to his first vacation bible school at our church, Firewheel Fellowship, this week. He had such a great time, learning fun songs, doing crafts, and making new friends. All week he has been singing about Jesus around the house and sharing Bible stories with me. I even caught him witnessing to a couple of boys on the playground yesterday when they asked about his VBS t-shirt. He told them all about Jesus, who He was, and how He died on the cross and then rose from the dead and now lives in heaven. It was so cute, hearing him tell the story to other children, the excitement and amazement in his voice.

Today they had a big shin-dig to celebrate the end of the school and to show the parents all the fun things they had learned. At one point, they invited kids to come up on stage and sing the songs they had learned that week. Well, wasn't I surprised when Aiden stuck his hand in the air and volunteered! This from MY son, the boy who ran from the stage, bawling, when his Sunday school class performed as a group in front of the congregation last Spring; the boy who yelled "No WAY!" and ran from the room when he was asked to perform in front of the judges at his karate tournament. I cheered him on as he headed toward the stage, but I kind of expected him to run back pretty quickly.

Well, I was really shocked when he jumped up there and began singing along with the songs, even doing the dance moves and performing the hand motions. He was too cute up there, and had such a good time. No nerves, no crying--he performed and had a great time doing it. I was so proud of him for conquering his fear. Here's a couple of clips from today's stage debut.

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