Monday, June 29, 2009

Here comes the bride...

Lately, Aiden and Stella have become wedding obsessed. It is something I would fully expect of a 3 year-old girl, but for a 4 (ahem, 4 and a half, as Aiden would say) year old boy to be so enthralled by the idea of a wedding is a bit odd. It is pretty adorable, however, to hear their innocent plans and get a glimpse of their childish perceptions of marriage.

It began at church on Sunday. Emily mentioned to me that Stella and Aiden had been discussing wedding plans--apparently Stella was adamant that Aiden had to wear a coat with a "tissue" in the pocket. (How cute!) And she was a little upset that Aiden wanted to get married in California, not Texas. So while we were at lunch, I decided to ask Aiden about the wedding plans. Our conversation went something like this:

Mommy: So, I hear you and Stella have been talking about getting married.

Aiden: Yeah. I love Stella. We're going to get married and then we'll be a family. We'll have our own family.

Mommy: Oh, yeah? So, how many children do you think you'll have?

Aiden: Five. No, ten!

Mommy: Wow, that's a big family! So, where are you going to get married?

Aiden: We're going to have a wedding. In California.

Mommy: Why California?

Aiden: 'Cause me and Stella know where California is. And I have to wear wedding clothes. What do I have to wear?

Mommy: I guess you'll have to wear a sport coat.

Aiden: Yeah! I can wear my Tee-ball jacket!

Mommy: (laughing) Um, not sports, like tee ball or football. A suit jacket--a dressy jacket.

Aiden: And I'll wear my red sunglasses. Those can be my wedding glasses. Mommy, what is it called, what Mommies are to Daddies?

Mommy: (stumped for a moment while I attempt to decipher this) You mean husband and wife?

Aiden: Yeah! Stella will be my husband. I mean my wife. And I'll be the daddy and the husband.

Daddy: So, what will you do after the wedding?

Aiden: Me and Stella will play the Wii. We'll do bowling. And boxing. I can beat Stella at boxing. Then we'll go to Chuck E. Cheese.

Daddy: So, why do you want to get married?

Aiden: (In a tone of voice that clearly indicates he thinks his Daddy is an idiot for asking) So Stella can have a baby in her tummy! (Insert 1990's era "Duh!" here)

Aiden: Mommy, when can we have the wedding?

Mommy: I'm not sure, buddy--we'll have to talk to Mr. Jason and Ms. Emily about that.

Aiden: Can Mr. Will and Ms. Brooke come? And baby Breckin? And Aunt Cathy and Uncle Wayne....

Mommy: We'll see.

Aiden: Mommy, who can Aubrey marry? Maybe she can marry Breckin? Then Aubrey can have a baby in her tummy!

(Daddy chokes a little. And reminds himself to research chastity belts.)


Aiden brought up the wedding/marrying Stella conversation again after a Bahama Bucks outing with Stella and her family. And again on the way home from school today. And at bedtime tonight. I think we may have to have a little play wedding for these two sometime soon!

Brings back memories of when I was 9 and married my 5 year old brother, Ryan, to his neighborhood girlfriend, Carrie. They had an adorable wedding in our front yard, with me officiating, my mother serving as a witness, a couple of bridesmaid friends in attendance, and my brother giving Carrie a ring I had woven out of stalks of grass. I remember distinctly saying, "You may now kiss the bride" and hearing a chorus of "EW! COOTIES!!" as the bride and groom ran away from each other in horror. Ah, the innocence of childhood!

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