Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Bob

See that little brown dot in the jar? That's Bob--Bob, the june bug, Aiden's new "best friend." Aiden found Bob on his back, barely kicking, in our front yard. He ran excitedly to his room, grabbed his bug collecting kit, and quickly made a home for his friend. I asked him what he wanted to name his friend, and Aiden immediately replied "Bob." We added some grass to the jar and Aiden proudly carried his friend around, telling anyone who would listen about his new pet.

Bob did quite well for about 4 days, then he got pretty still. I tried to convince Aiden to let him go, but he was adamant that Bob belonged with him. Twice, I almost threw Bob out, thinking he was dead, but Aiden swore he was still alive, and lo and behold, upon watching closely for a few minutes with him, I would see a leg move a little. Finally, Bob passed on to the insect afterlife and I threw his body out into the backyard while Aiden was at school. Well, today Aiden noticed that the jar was empty and asked where Bob went to. I gently explained that Bob had died. Then, quite excitely, Aiden explained to Brad and I that Bob had "rised up" and was must be now living again! The insect resurrection!

Brad and I stifled a laugh and explained that Jesus is the only one whose body rose up from the dead. I hated to burst his bubble, though--it was too cute, his excitement over Bob's resurrection!

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