Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can you spare 20 bucks?

A friend of mine, Christine Alan, is a breast cancer survivor and amazing woman. In 2007, just 6 months after conquering breast cancer, she participated in Everest Rocks, a 14-day trek up Mt. Everest to raise money for Love Hope Strength Foundation. LHSF is an organization that aims to build cancer treatment centers and fund the purchase of medical supplies and diagnostic equipment for the detection and treatment of cancer.

Well, now Christine has decided to trek up a mountain again to raise money--this time Mt. Kilimanjaro. She has agreed to pay, out of her own pocket, all her own expenses for the trip AND also raise $10,000 in donations for the cause by July 31--but Christine has come up a little short in the donations department. She needs to raise $3500 in the next couple of weeks to make her goal, so I thought I'd raise the flag and send out a request on her behalf. I've agreed to donate $19.34--$1 for every thousand feet she will climb. Think you could spare 20 bucks for the cause?

To read more about Christine and to visit her secure, online donation page through Love Hope Strength, click here. (Be sure to donate by clicking on the Paypal link under Christine's pic so she'll get "credit" for the donation.) And if you would like Christine to carry a prayer flag with the name of someone you know who has been affected by cancer to the top of Kilimanjaro, be sure to follow the prayer flag links on the lower right side of the page.

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