Monday, July 27, 2009

So far behind...

It is that time of year again, when I fall hopelessly behind in my blogging! Summer travels to visit family, sunny days, and all-out laziness have conspired to keep me from blogging as I should. Add an ovarian cyst to the mix that is making me sore, a summer cold that I caught from my lovely baby girl, who is also teething something fierce and is waking up multiple times each night, and you have one tired Mama who is NOT in the mood to blog. I promise to do better in the coming weeks! But until then, here is a funny tidbit to tide you over.

Yesterday, we took Aiden to see G-Force. We left Aubrey with some friends and took Aiden for a special "big boy" outing to the movies and then out for ice cream. We had a great time, but on the way home, Brad said something about a "christian church."

Aiden: Where's Christian?

Mommy: Not your friend, Christian, buddy. We're talking about a different kind of christian. You see, people who love Jesus Christ are called christians. So Mommy is a christian, Daddy is a christian, and you are a christian.

Aiden: I am not! I'm AIDEN. I'm not a christian.

Mommy: Yes, your name is Aiden. And you have a friend named Christian from tee-ball. But people who love Jesus are also called christians, too, even though they have another name.

Aiden: I am NOT a christian!! And you aren't a christian. YOU ARE WRONG, MOMMY, AND I AM RIGHT!

Mommy (to Brad): My lord, it's like looking in a mirror. Jeez...


What can I say? I guess the argumentative gene is a dominant one! I think I'll start saving now for his law school education.

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Becky said...

He's going to follow right along in Mommy's footsteps!

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