Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Riddle me this, Batman: how bad of a parent am I, that since Aiden started school last Tuesday, I have forgotten EVERY DAY until 2:20 that I am supposed to pick him up at 2:30?! Good thing we live close to his school! Come 2:25, I am dashing for the door, grabbing keys, snatching Aubrey up, running to the van, and tearing down the road (but not speeding, since I'm on probation for a ticket I got a few months ago).

Aiden is absolutely loving private kindergarden. He's not old enough for public school kindergarden, but he's already completed the highest pre-k level at his school, so we decided to move him into their private kindergarden class. He has adjusted well to going to school every day and he really enjoys the work. He is growing up so fast--it has been a much harder adjustment for mommy. I miss our "home days" on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when we would go to the library or the park or just lounge in our jammies and cuddle while we watched cartoons in the mornings. I can't seem to get the rhythm of my days down without him, either--it feels odd for it to be just Aubrey and I every day now.

The really bad thing is that his pick-up time falls smack in the middle of Aubrey's old nap time--so I'm having to do some serious shifting of her sleep times, which has meant a crabby baby who wakes up at odd hours, but I think we are FINALLY getting it down. Wake-up at 7:30. Nap at 10:30. Wake-up at 12:30. Nap at 3:30. Wake-up at 5:30, in bed at 8:30, then it all starts over again. Aubrey seems to be adjusting to her new schedule OK, but we'll see... In another few weeks, she'll probably be dropping her morning nap, so I'll have to figure everything out all over again.

Even Brad has had to adjust to the new routine--since school starts at 8:00, and he is tasked with morning drop-off, he has to head out the door a bit earlier than he used to. Bedtimes have been moved up to accomodate the earlier wake-up time, so there isn't as much play time with daddy in the evenings. But this is what life is all about, I guess: as soon as you think you have it figured out, the landscape shifts and you are struggling to find balance again. Here are a few pics of Aiden from his first day of 'real school.' I still can't believe I have a kindergardener...where did the time go?

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